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LIMITED Contract of Sale
Thank you for your purchase of a Superstition Ridgeback's Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. This is an agreement for the sale of a (sex) _______________
puppy. Born _____________, litter ________________ to (Dam) _________________, AKC # __________________ and to (Sire) ________________, AKC # ______________________ between Scott and Susie Earnheart and (Buyer) ____________________________________________________ for the price of $_______________.

The conditions of this sale are as follows:
Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit can be transferred to another litter if there are unexpected circumstances that prevent you from getting a puppy from the litter that the deposit was placed.
The Buyer accepts the responsibility for caring for this puppy and providing properly for it’s welfare. The Buyer agrees to follow the Breeder’s instructions on care, housing, diet, treatment and health. The Buyer agrees that his/her puppy will always receive prompt, good medical care.

The Buyer agrees that this puppy will not be sold, leased or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, rescue, research laboratory or similar facility. The Buyer agrees to contact the Breeder, if they are unable to care for the puppy, no matter what age. The Buyer agrees that is at any time they are unable to keep the dog, due to a change in their circumstances and are forced to seek another owner for the dog, or due to any other conceivable reason, the Buyer will notify the Breeder in writing by registered mail, email, or phone. The Breeder has first option of receiving the dog back from the Buyer before anyone else. Should the Breeder decide to take the dog, then the Buyer agrees to surrender the dog and all registration papers to the Breeder at that time. The Breeder may elect to permanently keep the dog or adopt the dog out to another suitable family. No refunds or replacement puppy will be given. Should the Breeder choose NOT to take the dog, then the Buyer will be able to find another suitable family for the dog. This agreement is to ensure the Breeder, that the Buyer will not place the puppy (dog) in an animal shelter or rescue.

The Breeder guarantees that this puppy is presently free of any life-threatening diseases and is currently up to date on his/her vaccinations/worming. The Breeder recommends that the Buyer have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian, of the Buyer’s choice, who is familiar with the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed, in order to certify the health of the puppy, within 72 hours of acceptance (Sunday’s and Holiday’s excluded). The Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinarian costs.
If the puppy is found to have any life-threatening diseases, a veterinarian certificate describing the problem, must be sent to the Breeder. The Breeder then agrees that the Buyer is entitled to another puppy (of equal or lesser value/quality). If the puppy dies or is euthanized within the 72-hour period, prior to being examined by a licensed veterinarian, then a death certificate must accompany the veterinarian’s report and be sent to the Breeder. Should the Buyer fail to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours, then the contract of sale is void. This guarantee does not include, contagious or infectious diseases, coronaries, hernias, skin allergies, over bites, parasites (internal and/ or external), fleas, ticks, coccidious, giardia, dermodex, hypoglycemia, heat or stress related to conditions, abuse, neglect, injuries, improper diet, or any other conditions preventable or treatable by the Buyer. Breeder does not guarantee temperament, adaptability, size, coat quality or color at maturity, fertility, confirmation, or ability to place in show.

The Buyer agrees to establish a booster vaccination program and heartworm preventative program with their veterinarian on their first visit. The Breeder recommends that the Buyer has the puppy microchipped. The Breeder has already supplied the first puppy shot or advised the Buyer when the shot is due and at least one worming of the puppy (as noted on the vaccination record, which was given to the Buyer at the time of purchase). The Breeder recommends that you spay or neuter your pet, if you are not receiving a puppy with full registration for breeding.

The Buyer is also advised NOT to take the puppy into public places or allow it to socialize with dogs that have not been vaccinated until it’s vaccinations are in order and the puppy is at least 12 weeks old.

The Breeder recommends that you enroll in a puppy training class, if you are a new Rhodesian Ridgeback owner or of you are unsure on how to train your puppy. The Breeder recommends a trainer familiar with the breed. Training your puppy will help ensure that they are well mannered and obedient at an early age.

The Buyer’s puppy has been selectively bred for excellent quality, health soundness, intelligence, and good temperament. If there is a genetic defect found of: Dermoid Sinus or Hip Dysplasia, within 2 years from birth, the Buyer will receive a replacement puppy.

*This guarantee only covers the two named genetic defects, unless otherwise stated*
 a. This agreement is non-transferable and applies only to the original buyer of the puppy.
 b. All expenses occurring after the date of purchase are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.

A replacement puppy will be provided under the following conditions:
If, during the required check up of up to 2 years, the Buyer’s licensed veterinarian positively diagnosis’ the puppy (dog) as having a birth deformation of, Dermoid Sinus or Hip Dysplasia, a statement signed by the examining veterinarian indicating the date and findings if the examinations will be forwarded to the Breeder. The Breeder reserves the right to a second opinion by their own licensed veterinarian and in case of contradicting results, the findings of the latter will prevail.

The puppy (dog) must be returned to the Breeder immediately. The Breeder will give the Buyer a replacement puppy up to the price that the Buyer paid for the original puppy (dog) (Less shipping).

In order for the Buyer to receive a replacement puppy, the Buyer will pay to have the “original” puppy (dog) shipped back to the Breeder (if shipping is necessary). The Buyer MUST surrender the original puppy’s registration papers to the Breeder immediately. Also including vet records and any information pertaining to the illness.

In the unlikely event that Superstition Ridgebacks Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy of being dysplastic in its first 2 years, the procedures are as follows:
 Notify the Breeder by telephone, letter, or email

Submit x-rays to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, University of Missouri-Colombia MO 652100

If the OFA finds the dog to be “Severely dysplastic”, then to qualify for a replacement puppy:

The Buyer’s licensed veterinarian must send a letter stating that the dog has not been overfed for its height/structure nor overweight and has received regular check-ups.

The papers for the dog must be sent to the Breeder

The dog must have been x-rayed for its condition at it’s second birthday, but not before one and a half years of age (sometimes an early x-ray will not portray true results during growth spurts). Should the owner (Buyer) fail to x-ray the dog at it’s second birthday, then this contract is void and the Breeder is no longer obligated to the contract.

NO replacement will be given if the dog has been over exercised during their growth period (until 1 ½ years of age), which would include running with or jumping with excessive play.

After these qualifications have been met, the Buyer may choose a replacement puppy (of equal value/quality) from any litter, subject to availability, paying the difference in price, if the Buyer desires a more expensive puppy (as our prices do change occasionally). The Buyer pays shipping, if shipping is needed, and the Buyer’s replacement puppy will receive a full guarantee, just as the previous puppy had.

If the Buyer refuses to receive a replacement puppy, and the Buyer decides to keep the puppy (dog), the Buyer acknowledges that they will be treating the puppy (dog) at their own expense. The Breeder will not be responsible for any costs whatsoever. The Buyer will also not receive a replacement puppy unless the original puppy (dog) is surrendered to the Breeder.

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The Buyer’s signature indicates that he/she has reviewed and discussed this contract with the Breeder prior to receiving said puppy and is in full agreement and approval of the above terms and conditions. The Buyer agrees to pay all court costs, if the terms of this contract are disregarded and is litigated. Any suit shall be filed and prosecuted in Arizona, under Arizona law.

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